Excerpts from “Chunks,” a 1-woman show!

3 Feb

She made a collage of love letters to her best friend who she was in love with, with a picture of a sad lady in the middle of it…and then, when this female object of her affection would stand next to her collage, she would gaze at the sad lady’s picture and think, ‘We know something she doesn’t know!’

She asked for the houselights to come up a little, because:  she likes to see pupils get sickened & she loves it when people roll their eyes at her!!!

If you want to be a stalker, make that person’s interests your specialty–she admired someone who loved turtles and travel, hence, she created a boardgame called “Turtle Adventures” & every move that was made, the 2 friend turtles would get married  – the friend didn’t get that she was in love with her!!!

“Being a Daughter of the Revolution could protect you from a terrorist attack!”


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