Tumultuous Tutoring: aaaahhhh!!!!!

4 Feb

“I don’t care; I don’t want any!”  I was trying to get this kid, Brian, to come to a tutoring room (by letting him know that I can’t give him tokens if he doesn’t come to tutoring)…after picking up the kids from the cafeteria & waiting for another teacher to arrive (as I’d been given the responsibility of giving him his list of kids to tutor, for some reason)…I had to go to this other teacher’s room 1st to pick up my materials (as I don’t have access to them before this time) & both his kids and my kids are running amuck in his room..so, now I am trying to gather up the kids on my list to come with me to another room & now a few of the kids in the other teacher’s group are asking to come with me & Brian, who is supposed to come with me, doesn’t want to!  So, he plops himself down on the classroom floor.  Somehow we got him to get up and move to the hallway, but then he sat down on the floor of the hallway as well.  Meanwhile, the other kids in my group are already up the stairs, en route to my classroom. Finally, Brian got up and joined the rest of my group…we went to the classroom we were assigned to, only to find that there was another tutoring group there…Brian escapes again–I send one of the other kids after him – after several minutes, they return – so, I go to another classroom on the next floor that a custodian told me would be empty…it’s empty, but it’s locked…then, an angel of a teacher sees me in my distress and offers me her classroom!  Saved!  So, my group and I have actually made it inside a classroom when…Brian decides to bolt out of that classroom with his bookbag…& I couldn’t find him…he got out of there fast…he could be any where…he could be in the outside world by now…so, this time, I call the office, no response…called them again, still no response…so, then I send a kid, Nyah, downstairs with a note to my lead teacher letting her know that I can’t get Brian to stay in our classroom…after several minutes, Nyah returns to let me know that she couldn’t find the lead teacher, but she did find Brian, he is standing next to her!  Right about then, the office calls me back, so I let them know that our issue has been resolved!  Whew!  This whole process has taken about 45 minutes!  I need to think of more ways to discipline kids in the tradition of Willy Wonka…I just didn’t know what to do today…however, I did meet with the lead teacher to ask her if I can have access to the materials and set everything up in a classroom before the kids get there & she told me that I can next time (that would be this Wed.!), so, we’ll see what happens with that!  


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