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Shocking Horribleness: What 1 Christian did to try to get Justin Lee to not be gay –

2 Feb

This is taken from the book “Torn,” by Justin Lee, executive director of the Gay Christian Network.

“There was another very well-intentioned Christian acquaintance of mine.  When I told him I was gay, he grew concerned and promised to do all he could to help.  Days later, he came to me with a brown paper bag and a serious look on his face.

“Listen,” he said.  “I would normally really frown on this, but I care about you, and desperate times call for desperate measures.”

He handed me the bag, and I opened it up.  Inside was a Playboy magazine.  

“I thought maybe this would help awaken your natural desires,” he said.

“It doesn’t work like that,” I said.

“Just promise me you’ll try it,” he urged.

Not wanting to argue with him, I relented and said I would.  After he was gone, I leafed through the pictures of naked, buxom women.  It was my first real exposure to pornography, and it made me feel dirty.

And for the women?  Nothing.  Not even the slightest bit of arousal or attraction.  Only revulsion and self-loathing from the sleaziness of it all.  The experience made me sick to my stomach.”

This is so twisted!  Christians who are doing this:  CALM DOWN!  STOP IT!  HAVE SOME RESPECT!  Geesh…this kind of ignorance is tragic and infuriating!  Aretha Franklin’s song “Think” comes to mind…”You better think!  Think!  Think!  Think about what you’re tryin’ to do to me!  Hey, hey, HEY!”


Crazy Love performance quirky quotes

1 Feb

students “threw a couch on fire out the window” twice – when Malinowski was working with her nice guy future husband as dorm supervisors!  Lots of paper work was involved…

nice guy “as dangerous as thread”

I thought that the illustrious Arlene Malinowski said, “goof bumps” instead of goose bumps!

“my underwear gasped liked a Southern Belle that smelled the vapors”

“slip into something less beige”

“I was never told, ‘shhh’ because I grew up in the deaf community!”

When Arlene Malinowski’s fiancee’ met her parents for the 1st time and they asked him how he was doing and he attempted to sign “Very good,” he mistakenly signed, “Sex is good!”

Then, Arlene’s deaf mom accidentally signed that she wanted a “penis colada” instead of a “pina colada.”  When Arlene informed her mom about what she had mistakenly ordered, her mom responded, “What do you think they’re gonna bring me?”


31 Jan

“It’s too late not to sound pathetic, so here’s everything…”

“Searching for your love is like looking for a black cat in the dark when you’re blind…and the cat’s not even there!”

“I bet you’re wondering why this letter is filled with dead flies.”

“I’m sorry I came on your cat.”

Texting –
Guy: I’m going to dump you when we get home.
Girl: Ok, I was going to suggest we need some space.
Guy: WTF? That was a mistake – I meant to text “I’m going to jump you when we get home!!”

Girl: Oh, this is awkward.

Sequins instead of Pimples

“It’s too late not to sound pathetic, so here’s everything…”

“Searching for your love is like looking for a black cat in the dark when you’re blind…and the cat’s not even there!”

“I bet you’re wondering why this letter is filled with dead flies.”

“I’m sorry I came on your cat.”

Texting – Guy:  I’m going to dump you when we get home.

               Girl:  Ok, I was going to suggest we need some space.

               Guy:  WTF?  That was a mistake – I meant to text “I’m going to jump you when

                        we get home!!”

               Girl:  Oh, this is awkward.


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Oh no! Wack-o quotes from a cabaret about ex-es I attended tonight!

31 Jan

“It’s too late not to sound pathetic, so here’s everything…”

“Searching for your love is like looking for a black cat in the dark when you’re blind…and the cat’s not even there!”

“I bet you’re wondering why this letter is filled with dead flies.”

“I’m sorry I came on your cat.”

Texting – Guy:  I’m going to dump you when we get home.

               Girl:  Ok, I was going to suggest we need some space.

               Guy:  WTF?  That was a mistake – I meant to text “I’m going to jump you when

                        we get home!!”

               Girl:  Oh, this is awkward.


The Lawndale Tutoring Experience

30 Jan

“I was 1 of 75 males in my high school class & there are only 23 of us left,” a security guard told me today at a school I’m tutoring at in Lawndale.  “But, 15 of us out of the 23 were in the same classroom.”  I asked him about his teacher & he said that she was radical and “hell on wheels.”  The first day of class, she assigned 7 chapters of math, 7 chapters of reading and a whole lot of other stuff, all due the next day.  When the parents complained, the teacher told them that these are gifted students, so they should be able to handle it.  Also, she said she was preparing them for the future, so, if they didn’t want her to prepare them for the future, she was sure that there were other students who would love to be in the gifted class (who had been 1 point short, etc.).  No one took their kids out of the class. =)

“The principal had to step over the dead body to get into her car,” the same security guard told me…at his last school, there had been a shooting right out front…”kids have guns in elementary school now, so when they get to jr. high & high school, nothing is a shock.”  True.  I expected the worst the 1st time I taught in the inner city…I thought a kid would probably threaten me with a gun, but it didn’t happen.  A 6th grade student did bring a huge kitchen knife to the school though, to attack another child.  When discovered with the knife, the girl ran out of the school…and was somehow found…anyway…nothing like any of this happened during my actual tutoring today…this are the highlights of what actually has been happening…

“Are we going to jump rope today?” was the 1st thing one kindergartner asked me.  I am tutoring them in the subject of reading.  =)  

When a kid would try to fight another kid, I would show them my heart necklace and/or my heart ring and say, “Feel the love.”  Some kids would touch my jewelry and others didn’t want to touch it; they would stop fighting.  Willy Wonka is one of my discipline role models…I think of how Verucca Salt was tasting the lickable wallpaper, brattily spouting, “I wanted snozzberry!” and Willy Wonka responds, “We are the music makers, we are the dreamers of dreams.”  Verucca is speechless and open-mouthed; Willy is the master of distraction!  I aspire to be like him.

One boy asked me, “Do you know how to bop?”  When I asked him who wanted to teach me, almost all of the 12 kids in the room at the time, started screaming, raising their hands and jumping up and down!  One girl was trying to help me bend my arm in true bopping fashion, but I think she gave up on me =) .  Typical of my dancing ventures.

“That was the weirdest thing I’ve ever done,” said one girl when I was finished singing “Turtles and Snakes” (a song from State Farm Day Camp) with hand signals.  I gave her a high five.

“What’s wrong with you?” one kid asked me during a bathroom break.  I don’t remember what I was doing, maybe talking about my grade level (25?) or my age (600?)…

An adult who I’d never seen before walked into my room and let me know that she wasn’t going to let Brian (1 of my tutees) have his own computer anymore, because he broke it…I had no idea who this person was or what she was talking about…I just told her thank you for letting me know and I understand…

At one point, the intercom came on and said to our room, “This is the office.”  OH NO!  A kid must have pressed the button.  I didn’t even know where the button was.  I said, “Oh, it was an accident, or maybe it wasn’t, but…it was an accident!” 

Why I am not in favor of ex-gay ministries – quotes from the book “Torn,” by Justin Lee, executive director of the Gay Christian Network

29 Jan

Homosexuals Anonymous

“Homosexuals Anonymous began its life as a part of Quest Learning Center, an institution founded by Colin Cook promising ‘freedom from homosexuality.’  Cook, a married-with-children ex-gay “success story” who developed the Homosexuals Anonymous program, wrote in 1982 that ‘a change in orientation is [not] a requirement for acceptance with God or entrance into the fellowship of the church’ but that ‘the orientation may be healed,’ that ‘freedom from homosexual drive…is a real possibility,’ and that ‘all who desire it may realize their inborn…heterosexuality.’

Four years later, Cook was forced to resign when a number of his male clients came forward to charge that Cook had been sexually molesting them in the course of therapy, telling them it was to help desensitize them to male stimuli.  Cook finally confessed to inappropriate behavior, but told a reporter the next year that he had managed to overcome that impulse, and that 99.99% of his same-sex fantasies were gone.

Eight years later, The Denver Post reported that Cook was still engaging in sexual contact and phone sex with his male counselees.  Cook’s theories on orientation change continue to influence ex-gay groups today.

Exodus International

Michael Busse and Gary Cooper were two of the original co-founders of Exodus International, an ex-gay referral organization that today is the largest ex-gay ministry in the world.  Both were married with kids…Together, they traveled across the country, speaking to excited Christian audiences and telling them that, yes, it was possible for gay people to become straight.

In 1978, when psychological researchers contacted their ministry for an opportunity to interview some ex-gays and see whether orientation change was really possible, Bussee and Cooper combed through files of about 300 members, narrowing the list to 30, who, in their opinion, had changed.  Of those 30, the researchers found 11 who agreed to talk to them and whom they identified as having successfully ‘changed to heterosexuality’ based on their self-descriptions.  Only 5 of the 11 claimed to have gone from exclusively homosexual to exclusively heterosexual, however; the others all admitted to continuing homosexuality in some form.  Michael Bussee and Gary Cooper were two of the five successes.

It was shortly after that study, on a plane on the way to another speaking engagement, that Bussee and Cooper broke down and confessed to each other that they were both still gay and had fallen in love with each other…their marriages did not survive.  

John Paulk

John Paulk, the chairman of the board of Exodus International and the head of the Homosexuality and Gender department of Focus on the Family, had written a book called Not Afraid to Change:  The Remarkable Story of How One Man Overcame Homosexuality.  In it, he told how he had changed from a promiscuous drag queen living a sex-and-party lifestyle to a heterosexual family man with a wife and son.  Together with his wife, Anne, he loudly proclaimed that such change was possible for anyone who wanted it, and the two of them appeared on national talk shows and were on the cover of Newsweek in 1998.

It wasn’t until a couple of years later that the truth came out.  John was on a business trip in Washington, D.C., when a gay activist recognized him at Mr. P’s, a local gay bar.  Witnesses claim that John lied about his identity and flirtatiously tried to buy a man a drink, leaving hurriedly when another activist arrived with a camera to get his picture.  When confronted later about the incident, John claimed he hadn’t known it was a gay bar, and that he only went in to use the restroom.  He later confessed that that was a lie, but he claimed he didn’t have any inappropriate motives for going to the bar.  After the incident, he was removed from his position at Exodus, but he continued to serve as the homosexuality specialist for Focus on the Family.

Over a year later, Focus on the Family president James Dobson cited John Paulk in his book Bringing Up Boys as the best proof that gay people can become straight.  “Prevention is effective,” wrote Dobson.  “Change is possible.”  Immediately after using John as a shining example of orientation change, Dobson bolstered his argument with a quote from a psychologist about the reality of such change.  That psychologist was George Rekers – the same man who would find scandal in 2010 for hiring a male escort as a travel companion.


Stories like these – and there are many of them – make me sad…When I think about John Paulk, I think of all the pain in his life that led him to the ex-gay movement, all the years of self-deception as he tried to play the role of the straight husband and father, and all the hurt, he, his wife and his family must have experienced when the truth was revealed.  He’s not a villain; he’s a human being who surely thought he was on the right path despite occasional slipups.  I think, too, of all the individuals, families and churches who heard him speak about the reality of his change, and who made life-altering decisions for themselves and their loved ones based around the belief that if John Paulk had become straight, anyone could become straight.  I think about the stories of Christians who killed themselves in despair when they were unable to change and the parents who disowned their children for self-identifying as gay.  I think about the damage so many Christian churches have done to so many people because they misunderstood what was really happening and ended up pushing people away from God.”

quoted from pp. 87-91 of the book Torn, Rescuing the Gospel from the Gays vs. Christians Debate, by Justin Lee, executive director of the Gay Christian Network

I just finished reading this pro-gay book and I highly recommend it!

Being a fan of Hug Tag (you’re safe as long as you’re hugging someone or something!), I was thrilled to learn about International Hug Day

24 Jan

1) How to Hug:  The 5 Principles, by the author of “Hugging Life – A Practical Guide to Artful Hugging” 

2) The Hug Song, by Fred Small – I WANT A HUG!!!

3) Jeff Ondash (with the alter ego name of Teddy McHuggin, wearing a red NASCAR-style driver’s suit with hugging logos and a wrestling-style championship belt) holds the world record of 7,777 hugs in one day (Valentines’ Day, 2010) outside the Paris-Las Vegas hotel-casino!

4) The world’s longest single hug is exactly 24 hours and 44 minutes!

5) I long to be one of the most huggable people of 2013 and beyond…

“The Most Huggable People of 2013”

Scott Van Duzer, owner of Big Apple Pizza & Pasta Italian Restaurant in Fort Pierce, Florida.  In September 2012, Scott was visited by President Obama at his restaurant.  To everyone’s suprise, Scott actually picked up the President and began Bear Hugging!  No question that daring hug earns this year’s top honor!

6) Finally, observe these Russian cuties hugging it up!

Russians in Khabarovsk, Russia celebrating National Hugging Day


Elementary school escapades!

23 Jan

“It’s called ‘I’m Sick of You.'”  The 6th grader who was sentenced to a 1-day suspension for “cursing & trying to escape” tells me she is writing a “play for adults” (!) & this is her title:  “I’m Sick of You.”  She tells me the story is about a female boss who kisses a male employee of hers who is married, so the man’s wife violently beats up the female boss and the boss has the wife put in jail!  The 6th grade playwright tells me that the play starts out with the words, “This is what you shouldn’t do…”

Also, while in the office sitting next to this 6th grade girl today, waiting for my tutoring assignment, the administration was dealing with this situation:  a 6th grade girl pulled down a 6th grade boy’s pants to see his penis and the whole class ended up seeing it during gym time! I heard an administrator informing the girl’s mom over the phone about it, saying that they had conducted a thorough investigation…

Then, the following 3 things happened:

1) an adult male dropped off a little bottle that he said, “had a smell on it.”  A female employee behind the desk picked up the bottle and read the word, “Performance” on it and immediately said, “I need to wash my hands!” The adult male said that all of the young men are using it now & then the female administrator realized that the bottle was some kind of energy drink like Red Bull…

2) a male adult in authority told a young lady who had just entered the office that she couldn’t just leave the classroom without permission…

3) one of the female leaders behind the desk said, “Natasia!  I talked to your mom and she said that (I wondered what “that” was) happened last week!” Natasia completely calmly said that it had happened last week…and then there was something about perhaps it had happened last year…

All of this & more happened today, while I was waiting to find out what room I was going to be tutoring in…

Moments of funness @”You’re Being Ridiculous” storytelling show TONIGHT!

17 Jan

“I hate you!” the kid in the front row would NOT stop saying…to the bully character in a show called “Bully the Kid”…then, later, when the bully gets hit in the face by a pie & decides to bully no more, the same kid screamed out, “You’re my best friend!!!”  This was a wonderful tale about one actress’ experience doing children’s theatre in Portland!  

This same actress said that the puppeteer in one of the shows they were in together, called “The Wizard of Ooze,” about recycling, discovered that the puppet (that was a house) was a real jerk and the house puppet started leaving threatening notes for the character of Dr. Pixel who puppet acted opposite in the play ( the puppet house would try to establish who was the “real” star of the show)…during the show, when the kids were asked to be windmills (the actors would demonstrate by simply swirling single pointer fingers around) to help power up the time machine, this actress’ favorite kid reactions were:

1) a kid got on his feet and used his whole body to be a windmill

2) one girl used her pointer fingers to point at herself

3) one kid started scooting away on her bottom, saying, “I’ve gotta get out of here!”


Favorite quotes from Amanda Rountree’s solo show at Fillet of Solo Festival!

15 Jan

“A man in such a hurry as you are to get results seldom learns quickly.”

“Having an improv show in a bar is like having a cooking show in a strip club!”

“Music in the soul can be heard by the universe.”

“A moment fits into a universe & a universe fits into a moment.”