Preposterously Prolific Playwright Panel at Dramatists Guild Town Hall Meeting

22 Jul

Tonight I had the immense pleasure of attending a Dramatists Guild meeting at Stage 773 in Chicago!

Highlights/playwright quotes of the night:

Anne Garcia-Romero mentioned the idea of writing a haiku version of your play!

Douglas Post said if you call his answering machine, it says, “Whatever you’re calling about, my answer is yes!”

Another playwright said, “By not asking, you already have a no!”

Brett Neveu to critics: “What you don’t like, I’m going to do some more!”

“Everyone has a way to tell your story, but only you can tell your story!”

Through playwriting, “I’m going to heal you and you’re going to heal me,” by Reginald Edmund. This really touched me =)))

Douglas Post: “Critics are paid to read what we write, we are not paid to read the critic’s work.”

“We have to be careful who we give power to.”

Will Dunne: “Find someone that fascinates you/who you are in love with; put them in different situations and see what they do.”

Reginald Edmund: “Every single play is my last play…a love letter/suicide note…the last thing I have to say….”


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