13 Feb

To end, the same male student from the beginning of the post, when pushed by the same female student, said, “I’m gonna put a cap in your head and I’m gonna put a cap in your mama’s head!!!”

Sequins instead of Pimples

“She said she hates me,” a male student told his teacher (telling on the female student standing next to him).

The teacher replied something like, “Don’t worry about her.
I love you. Don’t worry about what anybody else says,
because I will always love you.”

Wow, that was my favorite moment of my tutoring experience

From the moment I entered the building, I encountered
chaos. When I walked into the office where I go before
tutoring, I saw around 15 kids standing there with a teacher,
principal & assistant principal. Apparently, the classroom
had recently descended into utter madness; so the
teacher had to bring a large portion of her class down to the
office & call the parents of the students, one by one.

I heard the principal tell one student that she was going to come to his house! She told another kid, “I don’t know, do…

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