Turbulent tutoring

6 Feb

“He smacked his pee-pee!” I had to ask the kindergartner to repeat herself a few times to make sure I heard this correctly. Well, my first question was if the boy in question was ok & he said he was fine. I separated the girl & pee-pee boy to give them space and to protect whatever the pee-pee situation was and the boy she was referring to claimed that she made it up…I’ll never know what happened!

“Who’s that friendly creature?” I asked Breanna, a kindergartner I am tutoring in an after school program in Lawndale…she had drawn a picture of me on the board and an animal floating in the air next to me.  She said, “That’s your dog.”  When I told her my husband would love a dog, but we don’t have one, she said, “Yes, you have a dog.”  I love kids’ imaginations & that people just tend to think I have animals and/or want them…a couple of times, I had an actor call me who I hadn’t heard from in months who wondered if I wanted a pet!  That’s how I got a hamster that I named Yum Yum Chew Chew Octavius and a lizard…

“I like to drink beer,” a kindergartner told me at “lunch”/tutoring break time…not wanting to seem shocked, I asked him what kind he likes & he told me, “Strawberry.”  The other kids giggled.  When I told him that I hope he doesn’t drink beer because it’s not good for him, he replied, “Beer’s good on New Year’s!”  The kids asked me if I drink beer and also if I cuss…I had to tell them yes to both and they were APPALLED!  I told them I don’t cuss at school and that I don’t cuss very much, but I felt like I couldn’t lie to them…

Only half of my students came back to the classroom after lunch (food time at 4 pm)….I was sincerely spooked…I knew they would have to come back soon, because all of their stuff was in my room, but still…where were they?  Somehow we all made it to the world outside of tutoring…


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