Crazy Love performance quirky quotes

1 Feb

students “threw a couch on fire out the window” twice – when Malinowski was working with her nice guy future husband as dorm supervisors!  Lots of paper work was involved…

nice guy “as dangerous as thread”

I thought that the illustrious Arlene Malinowski said, “goof bumps” instead of goose bumps!

“my underwear gasped liked a Southern Belle that smelled the vapors”

“slip into something less beige”

“I was never told, ‘shhh’ because I grew up in the deaf community!”

When Arlene Malinowski’s fiancee’ met her parents for the 1st time and they asked him how he was doing and he attempted to sign “Very good,” he mistakenly signed, “Sex is good!”

Then, Arlene’s deaf mom accidentally signed that she wanted a “penis colada” instead of a “pina colada.”  When Arlene informed her mom about what she had mistakenly ordered, her mom responded, “What do you think they’re gonna bring me?”



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