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Favorite quotes from Amanda Rountree’s solo show at Fillet of Solo Festival!

15 Jan

“A man in such a hurry as you are to get results seldom learns quickly.”

“Having an improv show in a bar is like having a cooking show in a strip club!”

“Music in the soul can be heard by the universe.”

“A moment fits into a universe & a universe fits into a moment.”


Theatrical Thrills

13 Jan

Today I attended Chicago Dramatists’ showcase of new resident playwright’s work & these were some of my favorite lines from the play samplings that were shown:

“My heart would be shaped like a shoe if a mermaid lived in every village.” – Lorca

“He knew his immediate duty was to dream.”

“Pavlov’s lab flooded & the moment the dogs hit the sunshine, they forgot all of their conditioning and went wild!”

“The angels catch our wishes in their hands like fairy dust and sprinkle them back down upon us.”

“Some things you should take on faith so you don’t make yourself tragic.”

A girl kept a bucket by her bed to collect her tears and a guy kept an arm-shaped bone in a glass case by his bed because it “reminded him of the essence of life/of how we all end up.”

“I won’t think the wrong thing; I don’t even like wrong things.”

“What if you woke up and saw the world the way Van Gogh or Picasso did?”

“Do you like leather?”  “I like my leather-bound editions of my favorite novels.”

Date with my husband!

11 Jan

My husband and I went out on a date tonight & I just love that he still asks me if I had a fun time.  And sometimes, I’ll ask him if he’s nervous, since we’re going out – I like that I still get nervous/excited sometimes when we’re going on a date…and we like to “play hit” or “pretend kick” (not for real) each other, so that we can say, “Make up!” and kiss (as if we just had a real fight and are now making up and kissing)!  Sometimes I’ll kick his shoe multiple times in a row, so that I can say, “Make up!” in a high voice and then we kiss!  I love my husband; I am entering a story telling open mic tomorrow night to tell stories about him!  I will let you know if my name is drawn/what happens…

Ploppies & more

9 Jan

“Ploppies!” replied the 7-year-old boy, when I asked him what his comic (that he was drawing) was about…what a great answer!  He also told me that he asked for an invisibility cloak for Christmas!

The 9-year-old girl seemed to be very proud that every teacher she has had has left her job at the end of the school year in which she was in the teacher’s class…and there was a picture (in the craft room) of the students’ favorite things at her school and she pointed to the broken clock as her favorite thing…I told her how I taught at a school once where ALL OF THE CLOCKS and BELLS BROKE & were not fixed for the REST OF THE SCHOOL YEAR &!  When we came back the next fall, they were still not working!!!  Kids would come wandering into my drama class late & I didn’t know if their last teacher had just let them go or…if they were messing around….the halls literally never cleared at that school either…and I saw a little fire in the hallway once…and!  One of my 7th graders came to me to tell me he had just witnessed 2 8th graders having sex in the 8th grade bathroom…bathrooms were supposed to be locked (as kids had tried to burn the school down in 1 of the bathrooms before), but that day the 8th grade one had been left open…

Anyway, it was fun to meet these kids tonight…

Sex Education night punk grandpa!

7 Jan

“He’s ready to go!….He’s ready for action!”

These are the words of my late “punk grandpa Pohlmann,” when he saw the principal’s fly unzipped…at a sex education night presentation…my grandma said that this was the time when sex education classes were not yet in the school curriculum, hence, there was a sex education night, in which the principal spoke and invited the 7th and 8th graders and parents of said students downstairs to a film about sex and masturbation (at which only about 10 people attended:  my grandma, grandpa & Uncle Jon being about 1/3 of the population!)…my grandma, oh, I love her, told me, “I was all for it (sex ed.); I’d already told all of my children about it!”

I am VERY thankful that my mom told me about the facts of life when I was in 2nd grade!  My response:  “They pull their pants down?!”  I thought it was so funny!  At the same time, I understood the seriousness…

This also calls to mind my Aunt Susan’s comment to me once in our minivan, while my dad was driving:  “So, how’d you manage to spring from the loins of those 2?  I think you were a changeling; the gypsies traded you…they have dark hair, you know…”

A performative reading of imaginal vignettes on dwelling! by Jeffrey Ediger

6 Jan

I attended a highly charming performance tonight:  story telling by Jeffrey Ediger, accompanied with music by “Good Dust.”  Here are some highlights of the evening – I followed enchanting luminaries (paper bags filled with candles & stones) to the performance space:

“Desperation forces you to be creative.”

“When we want a door to open, we want it to open wide, for it to swing so wide, it disappears altogether because we want to be welcomed with open arms, to push the door past the threshold of limitations into the circle of infinity.”

“I stood there for what seemed like an entire school year.”

I learned about what the term cold shoulder means — you would serve a hot meat to a visitor & then a cold shoulder of mutton or something to a guest who had outstayed his/her welcome!

“Our bodies are doors…”

I loved the story of a couple that basically led a colorless existence, but agreed to letting Jeff paint their front door red, a red of “fire engine proportions!”

As he was working with others he said, “Space folded over itself into another dimension, a gathering of primordial workers who were commissioned to repair the world,” in the tradition of Tikkun…

Rumi:  “Every prophet sought out companions.
A wall standing alone is useless, but put three or four walls
together, and they’ll support a roof and keep grain dry
and safe.”

“People who are alone drift towards walls….wallflowers…window seats on buses & planes are taken first…”

“We say a wall is a barrier, but we forget there are 2 sides of walls….the very structure of a  wall speaks of friendship.”

“The color of a ceiling is a whisper.”

“The higher the ceiling, the quieter you are.”

“People say the walls have ears; ceilings:  they give voice to what has been posted onto them by walls…”

There was a couple that came to Jeff’s dad, a pastor, who shared that they had not consummated their marriage after 7 years…and then, he ended up baptizing their 1st child, so he was quite the peacemaker…wow…”

“I Knew the Unknown Was Up to Something”

6 Jan

“I knew the unknown was up to something.”

This was one of the opening lines of my favorite Fillet of Solo Festival show so far!!! I feel the same way…unsure of what 2013 holds, but I am getting excited now! I felt so inspired by this performance artist’s musings about Teddy Roosevelt!

He said that Teddy Roosevelt was once SHOT by someone in an audience he was speaking to…so, Teddy decided to keep on talking, as he bled from the bullet that was lodged inside of him!!! Then, he said, “It’ll take more than that to kill a bull moose!” Wow. When I was hired to teach middle school drama, I expected a student to shoot me & some pretty weird stuff happened, but I never was actually shot at…

When met with disappointment or despair, T. Roosevelt was known for not finding comfort in others, but finding solace in harsh ordeals, challenges and lonely adventures.

When he lost his wife and mom, he went to the frontier…when he found out that buffalo were (going?) extinct, he had to go shoot one…

The show closed by the artist saying, “Maybe it’s time I become a…” I am dreaming about what it is time for me to be, too…