Elementary school escapades!

23 Jan

“It’s called ‘I’m Sick of You.'”  The 6th grader who was sentenced to a 1-day suspension for “cursing & trying to escape” tells me she is writing a “play for adults” (!) & this is her title:  “I’m Sick of You.”  She tells me the story is about a female boss who kisses a male employee of hers who is married, so the man’s wife violently beats up the female boss and the boss has the wife put in jail!  The 6th grade playwright tells me that the play starts out with the words, “This is what you shouldn’t do…”

Also, while in the office sitting next to this 6th grade girl today, waiting for my tutoring assignment, the administration was dealing with this situation:  a 6th grade girl pulled down a 6th grade boy’s pants to see his penis and the whole class ended up seeing it during gym time! I heard an administrator informing the girl’s mom over the phone about it, saying that they had conducted a thorough investigation…

Then, the following 3 things happened:

1) an adult male dropped off a little bottle that he said, “had a smell on it.”  A female employee behind the desk picked up the bottle and read the word, “Performance” on it and immediately said, “I need to wash my hands!” The adult male said that all of the young men are using it now & then the female administrator realized that the bottle was some kind of energy drink like Red Bull…

2) a male adult in authority told a young lady who had just entered the office that she couldn’t just leave the classroom without permission…

3) one of the female leaders behind the desk said, “Natasia!  I talked to your mom and she said that (I wondered what “that” was) happened last week!” Natasia completely calmly said that it had happened last week…and then there was something about perhaps it had happened last year…

All of this & more happened today, while I was waiting to find out what room I was going to be tutoring in…


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