Moments of funness @”You’re Being Ridiculous” storytelling show TONIGHT!

17 Jan

“I hate you!” the kid in the front row would NOT stop saying…to the bully character in a show called “Bully the Kid”…then, later, when the bully gets hit in the face by a pie & decides to bully no more, the same kid screamed out, “You’re my best friend!!!”  This was a wonderful tale about one actress’ experience doing children’s theatre in Portland!  

This same actress said that the puppeteer in one of the shows they were in together, called “The Wizard of Ooze,” about recycling, discovered that the puppet (that was a house) was a real jerk and the house puppet started leaving threatening notes for the character of Dr. Pixel who puppet acted opposite in the play ( the puppet house would try to establish who was the “real” star of the show)…during the show, when the kids were asked to be windmills (the actors would demonstrate by simply swirling single pointer fingers around) to help power up the time machine, this actress’ favorite kid reactions were:

1) a kid got on his feet and used his whole body to be a windmill

2) one girl used her pointer fingers to point at herself

3) one kid started scooting away on her bottom, saying, “I’ve gotta get out of here!”



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