Theatrical Thrills

13 Jan

Today I attended Chicago Dramatists’ showcase of new resident playwright’s work & these were some of my favorite lines from the play samplings that were shown:

“My heart would be shaped like a shoe if a mermaid lived in every village.” – Lorca

“He knew his immediate duty was to dream.”

“Pavlov’s lab flooded & the moment the dogs hit the sunshine, they forgot all of their conditioning and went wild!”

“The angels catch our wishes in their hands like fairy dust and sprinkle them back down upon us.”

“Some things you should take on faith so you don’t make yourself tragic.”

A girl kept a bucket by her bed to collect her tears and a guy kept an arm-shaped bone in a glass case by his bed because it “reminded him of the essence of life/of how we all end up.”

“I won’t think the wrong thing; I don’t even like wrong things.”

“What if you woke up and saw the world the way Van Gogh or Picasso did?”

“Do you like leather?”  “I like my leather-bound editions of my favorite novels.”


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