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Bucktown Holiday Art Show wanderings…

10 Dec

Quote from card at Bucktown Holiday Art Show:  “I don’t really trust a sane person.” by Lyle Alzado – created by Rhinestone Crowgirls

Met another person who has people mistake her for being homeless all the time because of the bags she carries with her (I had lots of bags today & I used to carry many more when I didn’t have a car…but I don’t wear that velvet red robe with the yellow lining that I used to wear to perform magic shows for a coat anymore…) – once, an awesome sassy coffeehouse worker said to me, as I was laden with bags (filled with props, costumes, etc. from being a Drama Instructor and for the play I was performing in:  “Maker of Dreams” – I went to the coffeehouse right before rehearsal), “Did they kick you out?  I’ll call the police!!!”  I can see how someone could be under the impression that I had just been evicted…

Also met an artist who has named her business imaginary girl & so I told her I can relate because I dressed up as an imaginary friend for Halloween…

Met an artist who calls himself “The Artful Forger” – he repurposes old railroad ties and various pipes–I got my husband a candelabra made out of pipes!


Lovely Lafayette!

9 Dec

Greetings and salutations to all from the long-lost LaurA!…I am determined to write something in this blog every day from now on, thanks to the encouragement of John Frigo, my cousin-in-law extraordinaire!!!

Today, my husband and I visited his cousin John and his cousin’s wife, Sherri, in Lafayette, Indiana…here are some of my favorite moments; I LOVE THEM!!!

* We got to bear witness to Sherri’s profound “crime scene bunny” art show!!!  This is her description/introduction for her art show:  “My worst fear is forgetting.  I make art to keep track of things and to make a place to go to remember…This bunny belonged to someone I love.  I made these images to try to feel her presence and to make something beautiful in her absence.  Their creation was alternately sad and comforting.  I think they are lovely and a fitting tribute to a good friend….”  I ponder and ruminate on this idea as I work on a piece/homage/solo show about my late Grandpa Pohlmann–entitled “Punk Grandpa!”

* When I mentioned that I used to think that all yoga was evil, John said, “I think you’re talking about yogurt.”

* When Sherri said she would not say the pledge as a child, because of the “to ‘witch’ it” part!!!

* Viewing John’s “draw a picture every day” series, which featured daleks, cybermen, Steve Coogan, etc…!!!

* When Sherri told me how she and the cats walk on paper before she draws/makes art on it!

* In some parts of Indiana, people think that green peppers are mangos!

* Sherri shared about the time when there was a big bowl of chocolate pudding in her family’s kitchen and so she stuck her face in it and it was…LIVER!!!

* Looking at Sherri’s oranges she has kept since she met her husband John around NINETEEN YEARS AGOOO!!!