Trusting theatre people more than any other group & 1st film

20 Dec

I’ll go into a stranger’s house for a video shoot, get into cars with strangers who are theatre people and give actors & directors rides that I’ve never met before or have just met….I don’t think I’ve done this in any other area of my life…I think I have put my trust in theatre people far more than in any other group…

Last night, I was an extra in my first film and I was SO nervous – never having been to this apt. before, never having met anyone in the cast & never having been in a film before -when the director told me he had almost gotten stoned before the shoot due to his nerves and that he had forced a lot of his friends to be in it, I didn’t feel so scared…he also asked me to write my name down, or he said, I could write down any name I liked, as some people involved aren’t actors and didn’t want their names on this project =) .  I said that yeah, we don’t know what’s going to happen tonight and we have to remember our reputations!  Haha.

Highlights of the night:

One girl told me she is going to have a subtle Dark Knight theme for her wedding!

We had a “drag king:”  a girl dressed up as Santa Claus.  She lip synched Doris Day’s “Toyland” song and worked us as a crowd…while a male little person handed out toys to us…I later learned that he is in a kids’ band called “The Sharp Cookies!”

One guy mentioned that he manages several restaurants at O’Hare & a particularly obnoxious customer at the Starbucks there showed him her empty cup and asked for another drink.  He said he’d be happy to give her another drink, he just needed her receipt and she said, “Oh, I had my drink in California.”  Well, he couldn’t help her out then! =)

So, the director was asking everyone who wanted to do the make-out scene…and it seemed that no one wanted to do it…so, I volunteered…I asked him if he wanted me to “make out” with a girl or a guy…he said it didn’t matter…a girl I’d been talking to a lot that night (who looked like Snow White) said she’d do it with me…we didn’t actually DO anything–just pretended to be kissing & scissoring (I only know this term from “Glee”) behind a pillow and I stuck one of my legs way up in the air for some reason and threw my silver glitter headband at the girl who came in the room we were “making out” in, as she was looking for a coat on the bed we were making out on…I had never even pretended to make out with a girl before – she said it was her 3rd time and this was the highlight of her night, until later, her highlight changed when a little person started beat boxing in the kitchen…


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