Urban Village Church day Extraordinaire

17 Dec

At Urban Village Church today , we were asked, “How do we respond to the unexpected?”

When Mary was visited by the angel who told her she was pregnant with Jesus, her response was, “How can this be?” and then:  “Here am I…let it be with me, according to Your Word.”

She had no idea what was going to happen to her and she was filled with fear and trembling.

Today at Urban Village Church, the band played the Beatles’ song “Let It Be” after the sermon and it had a completely different meaning for me…before today, I had seen it as a bold, joyful proclamation, today I see it as letting life be the way it is…let it lie….let it rest…let it be…I made an extremely difficult decision this week…to get out of a certain relationship I was in…I was feeling guilty about it and when I shared it with my dad, he said, “When people leave abusive relationships, they feel guilty.”  I asked him, “But what if I made the wrong decision?” and my dad responded that God gives you redemption.  This morning at church, I lit a candle during communion/prayer time and went back to my seat, crying.  A stranger reached out to me and asked me if I was ok and prayed with me about it…this touched me to no end…

And then:  “Grace abides, you can’t mess it up…” said an Urban Village Church-ite!


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