Ripping random writings from a jellybean journal from almost 8 years ago…

11 Dec
Jake calls teriyaki "teriyucky!"

Dancing with the raisinettes

"Suffer the first vision that set fire to the stars" - Dylan Thomas
Order an impossible pizza and make hilarious cookies

Make an insect's day

Grad. school teacher Anna told us, "You shouldn't be doing your topic unless it turns you into a RAVING LUNATIC!"
Kiyoshi asked me why I had a circus in my hair and told me I look likethe weather and his shirt said TAKE ME TO YOUR CANDY

Island of Must
They don't let me into some states

Water the Wishing Tree

Swampy Snuggles

It's the kind of love that burns down the world

There is no way love could be any more intense without physically
injuring a person

That smile just about broke all my ribs!

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