Silly Loon Society

17 Nov

The Bard of Kildare, George Steigerwald, inducted me into the Silly Loon Society.  These are the guidelines for being a Silly Loon:

1.  Must carry a pen and scraps of paper for notes at all times.

2.  Must have pages of writings, prose or poetry, and papers in disarray somewhere in residence.

3.  Must keep unusual hours & experience sudden bursts of energy or flashes of inspiration during special phases of the moon.

4.  Must have an opinion on any subject yet be open to any new idea, no matter how absurd at first glance.

5.  Must pursue the muse, no matter where she leads, in the ever constant hope of being able to create if not something fresh and new, at least with virgin words express a thought prehistorical.

6.  Be able to laugh like a loon at one’s own ineptitude.

7.  Be able to swim like a loon through the waters of society.

8.  Be able to dive like a loon, to plummet the depths of any crazy thought.


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